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Lets give Requests a shot, shall we?

Posted by CBear624 - 3 days ago

You know, I'm gonna do something different here

I'll be asking for requests on Newgrounds here and see where that'll lead, I've already got stuff from DA but I wanna see what you can suggest for me here

I wont be making slots but this will be like... something on the side

So here's the plan - as it will be Easter in April, the long awaited Egg baskets, Anthro bunnies and the playboy Bunny outfits will return

Whether it be Canon or OC's they're acceptable

To those that had already asked on DA, you cannot ask again here that's not how this works

So this'll be the first time I'm doing this here, whether or not it will work, well I can't predict the future so its all in the mist right now

But regardless I wonder what you guys here have for me

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Hmh, well. I like your art style that's for sure~ :eyes:
Now uh, one question, can it only be one request? just considering options here.

Yeah mate, only one, otherwise it wouldnt look fair on the other requesters XD


Yeah mate, only one, otherwise it wouldnt look fair on the other requesters XD

@GlacierLoyalty @CBear624 Aight, fair point, no prob. Character limit?

@GlacierLoyalty Two characters is the most I can do at the moment

@CBear624 Aight, works for me. So my idea is with my vampire/succubus hybrid Espeon, Vanity, as a futa i'll add, having her way with Tawny, my permanent Mega 'Sol.
Vanity of course has psychic capabilities like hypnosis, and she also has the ability to morph her body in countless ways, and to an extent to others, which is what makes it possible to be futa. I'm thinking her using the hypnosis to sedate Tawny, and snagging her sunglasses away for herself placed on her head, leaving Tawn vulnerable to the hypnosis. Could also maybe include extra voluptuousness to the Tawn, Vanity's hands groping on her hips while her bust and hips swelled up. That should embarrass her a bit for the demon bitch~ xD
Just to be clear on Vanity, her eyes are dark and red (Compare it to like, Renamon's eyes. Common mistake's all. Also her psychic hypnosis would probably turn Tawn's eyes pink while under it's effect.)


Hmm.. looks do-able

Though I might ask, since you're asking for a Futa on female here - mind shedding a bit of detail to exactly what ya like? Sex-wise?

Because we could amp it up a bit and I rather not do something and then discover you dont like it the way you expect it XD

You know, precautions, etc

@CBear624 Not really that sure how to respond to that tbh, i'm usually pretty basic of the thought.


Okay, say I do this - you wouldn't mind if I can do whatever comes to mind as long as it suits to what you initially desire?

@CBear624 Sure, Vanity is pretty flexible, anything else would be interesting to include, ahah.


Very well, dont say I didnt warn ya XD

I'll think about it and see what happens

maybe you could do some Lapidot? (futa is optional), preferably dom peridot


Hmmm... havent done an SU pic before

I dont know I may need to think about it

Eh, what can we request? like, is there a theme?


Any character's available. But the theme will be Easter themed

In that case, kiryuin Satsuki! :D