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Changes to Patreon (EVERYONE, YOU NEED TO READ!!)

Posted by CBear624 - December 12th, 2018

Okay, so I've been chatting with some friends discussing any changes that we could make to Patreon and it's workings that will benefit all of us

And the past month or so, I have been... "lacking" in the content, you and I both know that I'm not as "often" here as I use to be, I take like 2 - 3 weeks maximum before I could actually throw something in here and everywhere else

And now I'm thinking more about it, I have been a bit of a cunt that would rather have you pay just to see my content, so things are going to change

How, you may ask?

Well, I'm going back to when I started it all, how?

For example let's say I make... 4 drawings in the first week

Now, the schedule is still the same, nothing'll change on that part

So on the Sunday of that same week, you MIGHT get a teaser of what to expect with the 4 drawings in question

The Patrons that has already pledged gets early access, obviously

But the kicker?

In the second week, I will upload the 4 drawings in full, with all the alternate versions, publicly, as it always was. There's no paywall, no restrictions any longer

You will get the drawings within the second week of the day of it's completion 

And there's even more to this:

I'm going to upload one, maybe two of my Patreon pics since I have started on there, but obviously by my choosing, every day until it reaches to today's time, count that as a late Christmas present and it is a reward for your patience with my work

That is over 8 months of stuff you had missed so expect a lot of things coming

So you have the chance to see what I had done that you was restricted to, but no longer, now you will see them in their entirety 

However, be warned that there was a few drawings I have done that isn't... for everyone, just keep that in mind

So, what do you think?